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In the Philippines if you are married and family are close by then when there is an event like a birthday or other celebration then they will have a party. Being a foreigner the thought is he must be rich but this is not the case
A family member is having a birthday and relatives are aware. Now in Australia a normal birthday as I can remember when I was young is a simple party at home with direct family (except for your 21st,(a .big event).
Most families in the Philippines are large. So there will be many relatives. It is virtually a snow ball effect. In this instance we are looking at 60 people in total which in western society would be a reasonably big party for a working class person.
Filipinos love to eat and I don’t think you will ever get an argument in that regard.
The idea and information is to put on a party at a reasonable cost and still keep everyone happy
Where are we going to have the party?
I go to a small Philippine beach style resort where I have known the owners for 7 years. They have 8 cottages on the beach. So I negotiate and can have all cottages on the beach for 1500 peso or $25 US (good deal)

To buy a pig live  in a barangay will cost about 100 peso/kg or $2 US /kg. So a 50kg pig is 5000 peso or $100 US
The Filipino will settle for pork but the number one food is fish. So 10kg of fish at 120 peso kg or 1200 peso or $14 US
In the Philippines I think due to Jolly Bee spaghetti is quite popular. But here they just cook it and add a sauce and a bit different to what we would see in an Italian resonant so say around 600 peso or $12 US
 We have growing on our land so will not equate this part Also we have rice in storage so the same as vegetables.
Water 20 liters of purified water 120 peso x 2 240 peso or so about $4.50 US. We also purchased 12 large bottles of soft drink 700 peso or $14US
I choose not to buy beer but a flagon or gallon container of tuba (a coconut wine) is 120 peso.  So 5 gallons is $6 - Nb I bought beer later as the day went on!!!
Candy for the children and birthday cake about 1200 peso from Blue Ribbon Bakery So $24 US.
So there you have it $150 to feed 70 people and $25 for the hire of the cottages on the beach
As I am an engineer I have added a 10% continuances. So the cost to have this party is around $3 us/per head. If I go to a pub (hotel) in Australia I have to pay more than $3 for a 10oz glass of beer (a middy)
Furthermore the direct family were eating the leftover food over the next few days.
I have been coming to the Philippines for 12 years and now lived here permanently for the last five. I am happily married and my direct family are great.
 This article maybe of interest for foreigners who have a girl friend or fiancée in the province. If you are requested or want to put on a party or event while you are in the Tacloban, it can be done at a reasonable cost. I did get a quote for this party at a resort hotel in Tacoban city at 600 peso a head for basics. This party was done for 10,000 peso ( $200US) as apposed to 40,000 peso ($800US)

This simple beach style resort is about 34km out of Tacloban at Luan a barangay (village) of Dulag.
If you require any additional information do not hesitate to send me an email

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